Men’s League

2020 Wednesday night League

Addendum: Congratulations to Daryl, Jim, and Jim for 1st in the playoffs. It was a close match with Ken and Garet.

Also to Brady and Chris who took third place.

Gentlemen, it has been a great season. Congratulation to the division winners.


  • Daryl/Jim/Jim
  • Jesse/Cory
  • Chris/Brady
  • Doc/Larry
  • Dallas/Wes


  • Larry/Dan
  • Jerry/Tom
  • Justin/Nate
  • Garet/Ken

The top three get a bye in the playoffs this week. These top teams can still come out and play if they want. We will start a scramble pot next week for those that are no longer playing.

Thank you all for a great season.

Troy Holien – the Commissioner